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FEU Tech admin invited Royqueen as one of their sponsors for the exhibit called “FEU Tech Fest 2017” together with Unisilver time. It was a 5-day event that showcased different theses projects of students from different schools. It gathered students from other universities to bring the best of the best theses. Royqueen as one of the sponsors participated eagerly on the said event. Royqueen had booth space for product selling. We were so happy that many of FEU students patronized Royqueen products.

Royqueen would like to give FEU students a huge discount that’s why we offered special discounts of Royqueen products up to 80% off just for them! The first 4-day booth selling was held at FEU Tech building from 8am-5pm while on the last day; it was held at the FEU Main where the concert happened.

The 5th day was the highlight of the event as FEU invites boy band group Sugar Free, TJ Monterde, Bamboo, and many more for their concert! Students from other FEU branches also came and enjoyed the concert.

It was really a fun-filled event at FEU. We appreciated FEU students so much for their good vibes and generosity. Overall, the event was a total blast!!


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