Company Profile

Royqueen International Corporation is the exclusive distributor of Royqueen Portable speakers since 2011. Royqueen opened its first branch at the Robinsons Place Ermita Mall in Manila. From there we were able to expand & branch out from selected SM and Robinsons’ branches & other shopping centers all over the country.  Our head office is located in the heart of Manila to make it strategically available for all.

All Royqueen products & units are with German technology and our supplies & parts are coming from Hong Kong and China.

From speakers, Royqueen ventured into distributing affordable & full functional Tablets, Phablets & phone units.  This is our answer to the ever growing demand of an affordable Android powered devices that would suit the needs of our target market. To date, our tablets & Phablets are being used by some of the top review centers and publishing houses in the Philippines.  We partnered with them in order to revolutionized the educational system in the Philippines with our partners supplying supplementary materials to augment and help the educational sector.

Our company currently employs more than 200 staff and personnel to assist our clients in their needs. We provide end to end service to our customers and partners from sales, delivery & customer support -both technical & customer service.


To be the number 1 choice in the areas of an affordable, globally competitive speakers and voice amplifiers and as a preferred Android-powered Social Media mobile phone in the market by making our units available in all channels .


To excite our customer’s senses by continuously innovating an affordable, quality products readily available in the Philippine market.


    We are serious in what we do by ensuring that we only deliver what is best for  our customer.
    We only do what is right by providing the best for our customers and employees.
    We listen to our customers then we provide solutions to bring customer satisfaction.
    We are experts in providing world-class quality and affordable speakers to our customers.
    We innovate & find ways to improve our products and services.