GizGuidePH Finally Released their Review about the Latest Royqueen Bluetooth Speaker, H3600.

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            GizGuidePH, known as a gadget coach founded by Sir Peter Jan Icogo, together with his team, do reviews on the latest gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, speakers, and everything in the tech department. They do reviews based on their knowledge about the latest trends. And yes, they are really experts in the industry!! They know almost everything from product specifications to pricing, and branding. That’s why many Filipinos especially those techy/tech addicts trusted them and read all their reviews. GizGuidePH provides the latest tech news, gadget reviews, tutorials, and also share their experiences.

            Since Royqueen is interested to test and know more about our upcoming bluetooth speaker, I didn’t second guess to email GizGuidePH, asking inquiries on how our product can be reviewed by them and yes they reply pretty fast and answered my questions. I am lucky to be able to personally meet Sir Peter to give our product, Royqueen H3600 for review. Upon meeting him, I was really amazed on how he began as a tech guru and eventually founded the GizGuidePH. He’s so passionate on the tech industry. He really loves what he’s doing. Sir Peter is so tech savvy!! Because I’m not that techy~~ I sometimes find it hard to understand some terms from him. Hehe. And I was able to learn from him.

            So now I know you wanted to read a review from trusted and unbiased source, so here we give it to you. Kindly check it out the full review of Royqueen H3600 Bluetooth Speaker here:








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