Royqueen's NEW Bluetooth Speaker is out!

bluetooth Royqueen Speaker T300

The Royqueen T900 mini is a Bluetooth Speaker with a difference. Not only does it give you 7 Watts of powerful portable wireless audio which produces a truly amazing sound that will fill your room with ease.

You also get one side covered in hundreds of LED lights that flicker and pulsate to your music through 5 different light modes. So crank it up, dim the lights and have a party! Of course if you’re not in the mood to party then you can simply switch the LED lights off and chill to your favourite tunes! The LED lights are not just a gimmick on the T900. It's audio quality truly stands out against all Bluetooth speakers on the market both in its price range and above. Producing 7 Watts of output backed up with a passive bass speaker the audio quality is extremely well balanced and brings out the best in Dance, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Pop, you name it!

Buy one for yourself and find out.

Connection via Bluetooth is easy and quick taking only seconds and operates over a 10-meter range.

Or if your mobile device supports NFC (Near Field Communication) connect by simply touching your mobile device to the left side of the speaker.

Royqueen T900 Min Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Support Hands Free Call for iPhone 6S / 6S Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / iPad Pro / Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 / Samsung S6 / Edge S6 / HTC ONE M9 / HUAWEI P8, ETC.

A built in Micro SD-Card slot supports 32GB card that can also be accessed directly from your computer when connect via USB.

Being certified with an IPX4 water resistant level the T900 is splash proof/spray proof from all angels (please note it cannot be submerged/dropped in water) so if you get caught out in the rain in the garden you'll be ok!

The outer body of the T900 also feels very sturdy and tactile in your hand with a rubberized feel to touch and easy controls to operate on the side of the speaker. So why not try something a little different and really impress your family and friends. With both audio and build quality the T900 will not disappoint in any way. 

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Hey guys its me Wasif Boksh! In this video I will be reviewing the T900 speaker from Royqueen or red5. This is an insanely nice speaker and I bought it for £40. Please like comment and subscribe.


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