Royqueen Elegance 2

Elegance 2 Has Arrived

The Elegance 2 not only offers a beautiful appeareance but also comes with top-notch hardware making it extremely intelligent smart phone. Wheather it’s for daily tasks or highly demanding games it will give you a smooth,fluid and highly efficient user experience.

Better than perfect and all glass designed stainless steel frace that looks as bright as a precious piece of art. A more comfortable 5.85 screen of the E2 seems to stretch itself over the whole surface of a new 5.85 inch display screen fills the hand and dazzles the eyes.

E2 comes with a 19.9 HD full screen. Side fingerprint sensor – We customized the side-mounted fingerprint scanner exclusively for the Elegance 2, for a quicker and more convenient method to unlock your phone. You just need to touch the sensor and the phone gets unlocked almost instantly in no more than 0.2 seconds.

Hybrid Card Slot – Can support up to 128GB card memory extension, you can save all of your important documents,photos and videos in your phone. Or you can insert a local SIM card when travelling abroad, everything is easier than ever.

About royqueen

Royqueen International Corporation is a Hong-Kong-based brand that started to distribute blue-tooth speakers in the Philippines for 6 years now. We are well-known for our blue-tooth speakers, power banks, smart phones and tablets. We are aiming to bring more excitement to the senses of our customers by giving them more exciting and awesome items that we can offer. So far, we have almost 50 branches in the Philippines. Nationwide.