Grandfinals of the Voice It Out!

Grandfinals of Voice It Out!


Grandfinals of Voice it out 2018 Last August 30, 2018 at SM Manila, the Unisilver Time prepared an event wherein Royqueen Philippines were invited as Sponsor. We enjoyed the event so much and at the same time we had a chance to expose our item and do selling and promoting at our kiosk. We put some decoration and other “gimik” to sell, talking with the different people and glad on the eagerness to buy especially the newly arrived Elegance 2.

As you can see on the pictures it has different brand names and it such a big event. Our favorite part was when we witnessed the different artists to performed and of course those talented passionate contestant who give their best shot to win.

About royqueen

Royqueen International Corporation is a Hong-Kong-based brand that started to distribute blue-tooth speakers in the Philippines for 6 years now. We are well-known for our blue-tooth speakers, power banks, smart phones and tablets. We are aiming to bring more excitement to the senses of our customers by giving them more exciting and awesome items that we can offer. So far, we have almost 50 branches in the Philippines. Nationwide.