Royqueen Spark Frequency Lapel Microphone


FM Wireless microphone is a perfect companion for teachers, tour guides and trainers.  Spark connects wirelessly to multiple radios with the same frequency. The receiver can be up to 20 meters away from the source.  The battery life is up to 10-12 hours. Can be used in FM Radio, Megaphone, Car sound speaker, Bus sound speaker. Best paired with Royqueen PRIME.



• Black


• 150mAh Battery
• Built in Rechargeable Li-ion
• 87.5-110MHZ Turntable
• Microphone (600)OHMS
• 52dB


For SMARTPHONES & TABLETS >> Warranty period is for one (1) year and seven (7) days replacement.
For Bluetooth Speakers, Powerbanks, Headset and other accessories >> Warranty period is for one (1) year and seven (7) days replacement.


How does the warranty work?
– Bring the item with the box and full accessories together with the receipt to the nearest Royqueen branch in your area.

What is covered by our warranty?
– Factory/Manufactured defect item- within that period that your item develops a fault then Royqueen will repair it unless it determines that you are to blame or that you have invalidated your warranty in some way.

What is not covered by our warranty?
– Items mishandled, If the fault occurred due to an accident, misuse, exposure to liquid or any other external factor that you could be held responsible for, then Royqueen will not be honoring the warranty.

Note: Royqueen, still has the final decision regarding the acknowledgement of warranty.



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