Graduation Sale! FREE SYNC!

Graduation Sale! FREE SYNC!

Sale price ₱1,299.00 Regular price ₱1,690.00
Professional Loudspeaker with Dual Voice Coil Driver -Dual voice coil driver design, with the loud and clear sound, is suitable for teaching, tour guides and outdoor speech etc.
Exquisite LED Display -Displays the current play mode and status.
Support Wireless Headset
USB Disk & TF Card Music Playing -Support the entire MP3/WMA coding rate.
FM Radio -Built-in FM radio module, auto search and save radio channels.
Record Function -Built-in record module to achieve high quality recorded audio.
Alarm Clock and Timer Shutdown -Time displaying and alarm setting, USB or TF card music can be set as alarm ring.
AUX in -Work as the external speaker by connecting computers, mobile phones, PSP/MP3/MP4 etc.
Card Reader -Capable of reading SD Card.
Two Volume Knob -The volume of the microphone and music can be adjusted independently without interference.
Removable Li-ion Battery
Product warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Weight (kg): 0.4
Package size:9 x 9.4 x 4.2

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