If you change your mind about your order, you have 7 days upon receiving the item(s) to return your order, unless stated otherwise in the product description. Items must be sent back UNOPENED in their ORIGINAL packaging. With a completed Return Form

If your order is defective/damaged, you have 7 days upon receiving the item(s) to return your order, unless stated otherwise in the product description. Please fill out the Return Form. Indicate that the order is defective/damaged and send the item(s) back in their ORIGINAL packaging. We will gladly refund you the delivery costs once our QC confirms the item(s) being defective or wrong and you send us with the invoice for the delivery fees to If 7 days have lapsed since receiving the item, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Please send your item(s) to us at the following address:

3rd Floor, Goiti Building, 15 Muelle de Banco Street,
Santa Cruz, Manila City, Metro Manila

Once Quality Control has inspected the returned item(s), we will aim to process your return within 5 business days. Should you have any further enquiries, please contact us at

1. Condition of returned items

Table 1 outlines the type of returns allowed by the return policy and the general condition that the items must be returned in by the customer, in order for the return to be considered valid. The fulfillment centers have 5 business days upon return of the item to the warehouse to assess if the returned item meets the return conditions specified in the table below.

Items returned to the warehouse that do not meet the conditions listed below will not be eligible for either a customer refund or replacement and the delivery costs will not be refunded.

Table 1: General Return Conditions for Return Types

Type of Return Description Condition for Return
Defective Items Item/s do not work based on manufacturers specifications (i.e.manufacturers defect) In original packaging, all accessories intact
Mishandled Items Damages based on courier mishandling the item

Unopened box, seal intact

Incorrect Shipments Item/s received are incorrect based on what the customer has ordered (or what was specified on the website at the time of purchase) Unopened box / packaging, seal intact
Normal Returns Unwanted items Condition depends on product category – see Table 2

For normal returns the specific return conditions depend on the category of the product. These are detailed in Table 2 below.

Table 2: Conditions for Normal Returns by Category

Product Category Condition for Returns
Mobile and Tablets Unopened box / packaging, seal intact
Microphones Unopened box / packaging, seal intact
Speakers Unopened box / packaging, seal intact
Headsets Unopened box / packaging, seal intact
Powerbanks Unopened box / packaging, seal intact
Accessories Unopened box / packaging, seal intact

2. Method of Refund

If the product meets the return conditions and the customer specifies a refund, the allowable refund methods are listed below in table 3 (based on the payment method used at the time of purchase).

Table 3: Refund Options (all payment methods have the option to be refunded via Gift Voucher)

Payment Method (time of purchase) Refund Method/s Number of Days*
Credit Card Credit Card reimbursement 5-15 days
Cash (COD) Bank Transfer 3 days clearing

3. How to file a Return Form

For all returns it is mandatory to fill in a Return Form to be attached to the returned shipment. The Return Form can be downloaded here